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Our coaching programmes

Our force? That is our distance. The distance from which we observe your company and what goes on there. Combined with our experience and expertise, this leads us to a chrystal clear analysis which will be our starting point to offer you the tools to achieve concrete solutions.

Personal coaching

Do you want to invest with minimal risk and maximal outcome? Invest in yourself!
What type of coaching are you looking for?

• Personal coaching
We believe in you and in your potential. Our goal is to get you out of your comfort zone and to guide you in the development of your entire personality.

• Field coaching
Observe. Learn. Improve. Three words that describe exactly what Happy Mondays does in field-coaching sessions.

We first come to observe you on the job and make you aware of how you function at work.

Then, you’ll learn new techniques and develop competencies that you can put into practice right away. Just until they are integrated definitively.

• Burnout coaching
Are you going back to work after burnout? We think it is only natural for you to get assistance in this process of re-engaging with your work. Otherwise you will be running the risk of relapsing into your old habits.

Happy Mondays has coaches who are specialized in stress and burnout. They help you to re-integrate in professional life with a fresh approach, hence getting more personal satisfaction in your work.

«This coaching has taught me a great deal about myself, my way of thinking, my way of communicating… I even think it is a pity that it is already finished.»

Marina P. – SAS

«What a chance I got, to take a step back and analyse myself, my colleagues and the way I work. Thanks to this coaching I’m seeing things a lot more clearly. I now know exactly what action I need to take.»

Dave W. - Bonar

Executive coaching

Being a manager in an executive position, you carry a heavy load with lots of responsibilities. Your decisions can have an impact on the entire organization.

Often you are so strongly involved that it is hard for you to analyse and observe things objectively, from a distance. What you need the most is a different perspective, external expertise and forthright and constructive feedback.

At Happy Mondays our executive coaches are not only experts in coaching, but also managers themselves. They know all the ins and outs of running a company and thus will be the best guide you can imagine. In constant dialogue with you, they will help you develop and implement new strategies, devise a communication plan and shape your new approach.

Are you expecting real results?

Your gain :

  • Boosted self-confidence
  • More satisfaction
  • Higher efficiency
  • More impact
  • More autonomy
  • Better results
  • Better service
  • More valuable contributions
  • Increased motivation
  • A sharper vision
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