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Personal Accelerator Programme©

At Happy Mondays, we no longer believe in traditional language courses. More than ever, we are convinced of our Personal Accelerator Programme©: a 360°-programme that will teach you more in 20 hours than any other language course of 40 hours would. How is that? Because every course integrates and stimulates the 4 learning strategies.

Formal training

To learn a language, you have to speak it.

And to succeed in that, you first have to overcome your fear of speaking a foreign language. Throughout the course, our trainer will be constantly stimulating you and putting you in authentic communicative situations. So you can endlessly try, make mistakes and start all over again. Just until you succeed.


Personalized coaching

Your progress matters to us. That is why you get tailor-made coaching in between formal training sessions. We will always be at your disposal for help and support!

Professional immersion

Use the language at work

Now you are ready to put your knowledge into practice. Do not hesitate, go for it! There is no better way to make progress. Do not worry if things are not perfect yet. We will be replaying the situations you were in during our next session. That is how you systematically get rid of your mistakes. You will increasingly be able to handle all kinds of communicative situations at work in the target language.

Social immersion

Submerge yourself!

To help you make even faster and better progress, Happy Mondays invites you to participate in a number of events. For Free. Two language workshops by Happy Mondays; A soft skills seminar by Happy Mondays, in your target language.

Personal Accelerator Programme & Business Language Training


Intensive 36-hour-programme
(3 sessions in week 1,
2 sesssions in week 2,
1 session in week 3)

All levels


Topical 16-hour courses
(4-hour sessions)
Possible subjects: communication, leadership, sales, presenting, meeting, …

Minimal level: B1


Express course
(10 3-hour sessions)

All levels

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Your gain :

  • Boosted self-confidence
  • More satisfaction
  • Higher efficiency
  • More impact
  • More autonomy
  • Better results
  • Better service
  • More valuable contributions
  • Increased motivation
  • A sharper vision
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