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Human Resources Planning & Management

Expand your expertise, reinforce the strategic position of HR

Some questions to start from :

o How do you meet the needs of your company and how do you link HR-strategy to commercial strategy?
o What strategy do you pursue for the recruitment and training of your employees?
o What is your strategy to motivate people?
o How do you keep your high potentials on board?
o What challenges are there for the HR-strategy of the future? Do you have a strategic HR plan?

After taking this course :

o you have a clear view of your current situation and of what a good HR strategy is and the impact it has;
o you are an expert in HR-strategy and how to implement it;
o you are able to reinforce the strategic position of HR within your company;
o you have all necessary information to define tomorrow’s HR strategy.

Duration: at least 2 days.

Materials for participants:

  • Tool box ‘HR Management’
  • Summary cards
  • Personal action plan
  • Notebook and pen


Happy participants


Customer Satisfaction

Your gain :

  • Boosted self-confidence
  • More satisfaction
  • Higher efficiency
  • More impact
  • More autonomy
  • Better results
  • Better service
  • More valuable contributions
  • Increased motivation
  • A sharper vision
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