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We share our know-how

We from Happy Mondays don’t know any better than you what is good for you. On the contrary, we believe in collective intelligence and in sharing knowledge. You have your expertise and experience, and we have ours. By bringing them together we get to real solutions. Your solutions.


The professional world has never evolved faster than today. Consequently, you and your colleagues regularly get extra training to learn new competencies and master contemporary practices. But how do you devise a coherent training programme that covers the needs of all your employees? That is why Happy Mondays developed the Top Performer-programme©. It allows you to define your overall and individual training strategy, in the short, medium and long term. Eventually, every employee will follow their own individual training programme, based on the targets to be achieved. Good to know: Happy Mondays really knows what is going on in business AND in training. We are aware of the most recent ‘best practices’ and implement them in all our courses and training programmes. We permanently get informed about novelties in the field. That way we can guarantee to help you with the latest insights. In any case, we always offer the programme that best suits your company, both in content and method.

«From the very first meeting onwards, I was surprised by the knowledge the consultant from Happy Mondays possessed and by his striking observations. That sharp look has forced me to face certain things and make some difficult choices. That helped me tremendously."»

«This consulting was simultaneously inspiring and confronting. This was a key moment in my career.»


As Anne-Claire Bennevault put it so aptly in the Huffington Post: directness is key in your communication of the future. Thanks to new technologies and social networks you are constantly aware of what is happening in the world and you can immediately respond to new information. But there lies the pitfall: this explosion of communication channels forces you to consciously consider the image that you are portraying of yourself and of your company. It is therefore crucial that you outline a communication strategy for your company and know which levers can strengthen your image. Reputation matters. A lot. Happy Mondays will help you to evaluate your current communication and together we will work out your new strategy. Thanks to our experts, you can develop an effective communication plan and boost your brand image considerably.


How can language training help to develop your emloyees? Based on specific assessment criteria and the objectives determined by your company, Happy Mondays thoroughly analyses the language skills of each of your team members. We then present a detailed report per criterion that is, as it were, a linguistic identity card for every trainee.

«First of all I was convinced the consultant was wrong. Later on, when I got his point I realized he was completely right and really clever. I strongly recommend this.»

Are you expecting real results?

Your gain :

  • Boosted self-confidence
  • More satisfaction
  • Higher efficiency
  • More impact
  • More autonomy
  • Better results
  • Better service
  • More valuable contributions
  • Increased motivation
  • A sharper vision
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