These training programmes take up a few weeks and consist of different, specific trainings. They are chosen by professionals who want to follow a programme of permanent formation or, at a certain moment in their career, are looking for an efficiency boost by means of an intensive and complete training programme.







Action Management

Optimise your professional efficiency and effectiveness thanks to better work organisation.

Focus : decision-making, determining priorities, systemising work organisation, time and task management.

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Sales: Impact the Outcome

Boost your sales results thanks to better work organisation and a larger impact on your customers and prospects.

Focus : work organisation, lead generation, negotiating, closing the deal, attitude and top seller sales techniques.

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Master Your Communication

Develop your communication skills and significantly increase your professional efficiency.

Focus : your personality profile, your working mode, the 2 waves of communication, listening skills and questioning techniques, influence and feedback.

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People Management

Develop efficient leadership skills that lead to better results, both from your employees and yourself.

Focus : your personality, your working mode, self-leadership, managing others, leading a team, development of a feedback culture.

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Energy Management

Optimise your stress management and the way in which you deal with change. This ensures a better well-being, enables you to make good choices and helps you deal with challenging situations in a more efficient way.

Focus : stress and what it does to you, key elements in dealing with change, the impact of your mindset, thinking and acting in a problem-solving manner.

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Inner Engineering

Discover your personality profile and learn how to adapt your working mode to the situation you are in.

Focus : your personality profile, your working mode, communicating with impact, how to deal with different personality profiles and hereby increasing your efficiency.

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Every Learning Journey consists of :

  • A preliminary course
  • The training days
  • Q&A sessions (30 min.)
  • An evaluation

Learning tools :

  • A workbook
  • Mind maps
  • Practical study cards and exercises
  • Video’s
  • An online library

Organisational regulations :

The course will be organised when a minimum of 5 registrations is reached.


Our learning journeys were developed as an answer to the most pressing questions of companies. You acquire the necessary skills, techniques and attitude in order to develop the required competency.

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