One year of free training

Aware of the impact of “soft skills” training on the effectiveness of employees and the quality of services offered, we want to make a positive gesture of support and offer a year of free training* to a SME.

Boost your business!

The objective? To strengthen the skills of employees and help the company (re)launch under the best conditions.

Only “soft skills” training offered in the Happy Mondays portfolio:

Happy Mondays will develop a training plan tailored to the specific needs of the selected company.


Registration until November 30, 2023

  1. Upon receiving your registration, you will receive a link to the questionnaire to be completed.
  2. Based on the responses to the questionnaires, we will select the 5 projects that have captured our full attention and ask the representatives of the selected companies to present their project.
  3. Based on the presentations, Happy Mondays will determine which company will benefit from the free training year (2024).