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Corporate Training of Public Training?

Corporate Training

  • You want to share your experience with people who are in the same professional field as you, in your own company.
  • You are looking for a practical and interactive course that teaches you new techniques through situation-based role-plays, based on your authentic situations from your actual job context.
  • You need practical tools and a concrete action plan in order to be able to work more efficiently.

Public Training

  • You want to share your experience with professionals from different companies and domains, who experience similar difficulties and challenges at work.
  • You want to become more efficient at work by acquiring new techniques that are immediately applicable, in an interactive and practical course.
  • You want to know which tools you need to enhance your working methods and how to use them on a daily basis.

Corporate Training

  • You prefer taking a group course, during one day or several days, within your own company.
  • You wish to schedule the course on a specific date, depending on your and the trainer’s availability and consistent with your in-house training plan.

Public Training

  • You prefer a course that has been organized entirely by the training partner (location, catering, …).
  • You sign up for a course on one of the proposed dates by Happy Mondays.

Corporate Training

  • You are looking for tailor-made follow-up to implement in the long run what you have learnt during the course (coaching, masterclass, distance learning, …).
  • You are thinking of support and guidance, individually or in small groups, during the weeks or months following the course.

Public Training

  • You are thinking about taking a course and want to learn about the options.

Your gain :

  • Boosted self-confidence
  • More satisfaction
  • Higher efficiency
  • More impact
  • More autonomy
  • Better results
  • Better service
  • More valuable contributions
  • Increased motivation
  • A sharper vision
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