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Don’t bring problems, bring solutions.

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You have to make a lot of decisions at work. So many that it becomes impossible to always make the right choices. When you make important decisions with a large impact you want to avoid mistakes because the consequences are often painful, dreadful and not easily resolved without a fight. In order to avoid these types of situations, this training will contribute different strategies and techniques that will significantly increase your chances at making the right decision. In this way you will strengthen the quality of your work and your professional efficiency.


  • To become aware of the effect of your decision-making skills and your ability to think in a solution-oriented manner on the end results. You will become acquainted with the impact of focus questions.
  • To discover the importance and impact of the different phases of the decision-making process: Collecting information – Analysing and decision making – Implementation – Evaluation.
  • To adapt persuasion techniques in order to convince others and get their approval.
  • To learn how to apply the communication and coordination ‘Value Chain’, whereby internal and external customers will get a clear view of what exactly they can expect from you.
  • To practice the acquired techniques and experience their impact in practical situations. In this way you will discover how they work, what they can contribute and how you can implement them easily in your daily work context.


You will become aware of the impact of the decision-making process on the quality of your coordinating and problem-solving abilities. You will be capable of adjusting a decision-making process to the context of your work. Thanks to the communication and coordination Value Chain, your customer relationships will run smoothly and you will gain time and effectiveness.


  • Situation-Based Learning
  • Brain-Based Learning


  • Concrete cases
  • Role-play in group
  • Exchanging experiences
  • « Best practices »


  • Visual aids
  • Practical information sheets
  • A personal action plan

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