Sales T.E.A.M Effectiveness

Teamwork and intelligence bring you more than just talent.

Digital Training

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The performance of a sales team is crucial to the success of a company. An open door. Furthermore, a strong, structured and organised team will reach better results than a team of very competent individuals who do not collaborate. That is old news. Optimizing the work method, organisation and the decision-making and sales processes of a team is the best way to reach your turnover targets quickly and cleverly.


  • To test the performance of your team and to determine the areas for improvement by answering 10 relevant questions about the organisation of the work.
  • To (re)discover the commercial DNA of your team and become aware of the strengths and points of attention for every team member. You will learn the power of clear communication.
  • To learn how to make better strategic, tactical and operational choices as a sales team. You will learn how to optimize your sales processes and make appointments focused on results and expectations.
  • To discover how Office 365 and its applications (OneNote, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, …) can significantly increase the level of efficiency and performance of the team.
  • To practice the acquired techniques and experience their impact in practical situations. In this way you will discover how they work, what they can contribute and how you can implement them easily in your daily work context.


You will get a clear view on the strengths and areas for improvement of the team as a whole and each individual member. The team will communicate in a more efficient manner, the objectives will be clear for everyone and all team members will know how to reach the objectives. You will use Office 365 – or another system – and its applications to its fullest potential.


  • Situation-Based Learning
  • Brain-Based Learning


  • Concrete cases
  • Role-play in group
  • Exchanging experiences
  • « Best practices »


  • Visual aids
  • Practical information sheets
  • A personal action plan

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