How to create a hybrid workplace that works

Organizing a workplace is hard, we get it! That’s why we wrote this e-book.
Within no time, you can create a sustainable structure for hybrid working.

About The Asynchronous Workplace

Chapter One: The Set-Up

Let’s start with the basics: What are the required elements for setting up a succesful hybrid workspace? How do we define a asynchronous work strategy? 


Chapter Two: Lighthouse Principles

In this chapter, you’ll learn how to look at your team as if you were a lighthouse guiding boats into a port 🚢. We’ll show examples of questions you should ask yourself and analyze them together, so you can get a feel for where you should shine your light 🔦.

Chapter Three: Engage Regularly

Now that you know what and where to look, we’ll give you some top performers tips. How do you engage regularly in way that it is adapted to each individual yet still informal? ☕️

Chapter Four: Better Lightbeams

Ahaaaaa time to bring out the cheat codes 🎮! People crave for better communication and hybrid teams require more explicit communication. We’ll give you a cheat sheet to speed up the process!

Chapter Five: The TTP-strategy

There are 3 elements for setting up a successful remote work strategy. We like to call it the TTP-strategy: Teams, Tools & Processes.

This e-book was written by:

Vincent De Corte
Vincent De Corte
Vincent has loved drumming 🥁 since he was a kid, today his passion is giving training & cycling 🚵. Fascinated by the impact that good training can have on the value of people's lives. Now he's here to share his knowledge with you!

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