Book: You have more influence than you think (3 pieces)

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Happy Mondays proudly releases its first book!

Vincent De Corte, business manager of Happy Mondays, shares his personal experiences around communication & conflict.

This book aims to give you inspiration and knowledge about behavioural and communication patterns.

How do you ensure that it is pleasant to work together, even if you and your colleague do not agree on everything? What can you do if you notice that fun or interesting interactions with others do not immediately arise? How can you deal with people from another planet, because you will encounter them professionally sooner or later anyway.

Because we want as many people as possible to read this book, we are selling it at cost. We'll even ship it to you for free.

  • 88 pages full of practical tips and tricks
  • Packed with fun drawings and examples
  • Discover more about personality types using Insights Discovery, MBTI, the DISC method & The Big Five
  • Learn that you can say more FOC
  • Reduce discussions and conflict
  • Improve your dialogues with other people
  • Pay only the production cost
  • Free shipping

The book is also available in Dutch and French.

What readers say

Bjorn Van Reet

CIO Fednot

"Communicating is one of the most difficult aspects of leadership. We do it daily, without consciously thinking about it. 'You have more influence than you think' will give you insight into how to manage your communication clearly & constructively and prompt you to re exie. Let this be the basis of your personal growth as a person, human being & as a leader."

K. Callens

Staff director AZ Sint Jan

"A book entirely in the style and approach of Happy Mondays: underpinned and lived through without getting bogged down in complex theoretical frameworks. Good and conscious communication can be so simple."

N. Abid

Talent Manager Deme group

"Don't expect an overly theoretical book on communication, but one that provides a very concrete framework to test and adjust your communication. The personal narrative style and telling examples force even the practised communicator to self-reflect and gain new insights."

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