Decision-Making Skills: Sharpen your decision-making skills

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At work, you have to make a lot of decisions. So many that it is impossible to always make the right choice. Companies are looking for decision-makers. People who dare to take decisions on the basis of current information. That is why in this training we offer you various strategies and techniques that significantly increase the chances of making the right choice. This will strengthen the quality of your work and your professional efficiency.

Programme of this training

  • You discover what characterises good decisions.
  • You gain insight into the 5 stages of the decision-making process. The 5 steps in the process are applied through an intervision exercise. This way, you learn which facets to take into account when making decisions.
  • We hand you at least 5 Blind spots in our decision-making. Biases that influence our thinking and our decisions.
  • You get to know and develop yourself as a decision-maker.
    • (H)recognise your strengths and pitfalls in relation to decision making.
    • Fixed & growth mindset and its application to decision making.
    • Techniques to maintain composure under pressure.
    • Reducing stress to make better decisions.
    • Balance the intuitive with the rational.
  • We confront you with the consequences of not making decisions
  • You become better at coming up with alternative solutions thanks to other analysis and decision-making methods.
  • You learn to communicate a decision and create support.
  • We go through the do’s and dont’s of implementing a decision

What will you get out of this journey?

Better decisions lead to better results and less frustration in the team. Your managers radiate more self-confidence by making more well-founded decisions. Employees learn to actually implement decisions.



  • Situation-Based Learning
  • Brain-Based Learning


  • Concrete cases
  • Role-play in group
  • Exchanging experiences
  • « Best practices »


  • Visual aids
  • Practical information sheets
  • A personal action plan

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Decision-Making Skills: Sharpen your decision-making skills