Work smarter, not harder for sales: sell more by organising yourself smarter

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In contrast to what many salespeople think, meeting a client or an appointment with a prospect is one of the last steps in the sales process. Observing top salespeople teaches us that they spend a lot of time organizing their work, optimizing their time and preparing their customer visits. In essence, they create a system that allows them to be as efficient as possible between appointments.

Programme of this training

  • To test your sense of control and perspective, analyse your functioning profile and discover its impact on your level of efficiency as a salesperson.
  • To discover the 5 characteristics of efficient salespeople. This will enable you to find a balance between collaborating and being available on the one hand and completing planned tasked uninterruptedly on the other hand.
  • To learn how to optimize your sales tasks by determining priorities and timing yourself. In this way you take the right action at the right time.
  • To learn under which circumstances you as a salesperson work the most efficiently and which actions are needed in order to create this setting.
  • To practice the acquired techniques and experience their impact in practical situations. In this way you will discover how they work, what they can contribute and how you can implement them easily in your daily work context.

What will you get out of this journey?

You will implement a new way of working with which you as a salesperson will increase your level of efficiency, use your time more proficiently and optimize your sales goals. You will learn how to prioritize correctly, get to important tasks and foresee room for unexpected circumstances in your planning. This will give you a greater sense of control and perspective, ensure satisfaction and allow you to perform even better as a salesperson.



  • Situation-Based Learning
  • Brain-Based Learning


  • Concrete cases
  • Role-play in group
  • Exchanging experiences
  • « Best practices »


  • Visual aids
  • Practical information sheets
  • A personal action plan

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Work smarter, not harder for sales: sell more by organising yourself smarter