Discover your Team DNA through stimulating assignments

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Together we dive into the genesis, successes and f*ck-ups of this team. These key moments define your DNA today. After this workshop, the newcomer will feel like a senior member among senior members.

We highlight in a very playful way how cooperation and joint efforts have made our greatest achievements possible.

Programme of this training

  • We start with an active introduction and then dive into the story of Michael Jordan, a wonderful illustration of how talent, teamwork and intelligence lead to great performances.
  • We explore our own personality preferences with a short exercise. Are we thinkers, doers or sensors/feelers? This insight helps us work better together and leverage each other’s strengths.
  • We unravel our team’s DNA by exploring the history and dynamics of our group through active thinking and doing tasks. We discover what makes us unique and how we function as a team.
  • During a lively speed-date session, we ask each other stimulating questions, leading to surprising and valuable insights. We reflect on these together and thus strengthen our mutual bond.
  • Through interviews, we rediscover the ‘why’ of our organisation and set the course for the future.

What will you get out of this journey?

This team building is an inspiring and dynamic session in which we not only get to know each other better, but also rediscover the core history and ‘the why’ of our organisation.



  • Interactive exercises
  • Situation-Based Learning
  • Brain-Based Learning


  • Practical hands-on exercises
  • Exchange of experiences


  • Visual media
  • A personal action plan

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Discover your Team DNA through stimulating assignments