Welcome to the Happy Mondays website!

The fact that you're here, probably means that you care about the wellbeing of your employees. An employee who feels good about himself is worth a million, we're sure you know that. So first of all we'd like to congratulate you for your good care and attention for your staff.

We said it, a good feeling among the crew is important for the productivity of a company. But when you check out the newspapers and magazines, you get quite a different picture: there's messages about stressed people, people on the verge of a depression, burn out... All kinds of problems that don't do your business any good. So it's better to be well protected against this kind of issues by paying attention to the wellbeing of your crew. The question often is: how do I get started?

Here at Happy Mondays, we asked ourself the same question and the result is a broad range of trainings, all with a single purpose: creating a higher level of "happiness @ work" among your crew to make your company better. Take a look at our website to get a grasp of what we can offer you. We hope to be in touch soon!

Be happy!
The Happy Mondays team



Vincent has a true passion for people's development and their learning process. He is familiar with the latest trends of our industry and he always wants to be informed about new developments. I hope our collaboration will last for many more years to come!
Carmela L., HR manager
Bea, thank you for your remarkable knowledge and your fabulous and comprehensible way of bringing it out. With your help and insights, my confidence and charisma during presentations, have improved a lot. I also find a great evolution in my voice and I feel that my voice has become much more resilient. I am now much more at ease in front of a group of people. This is mostly because of the training sessions I did with you. They have not only helped me in the ways I mentioned above, but they also gave me a lot of personal insights. If you ask me, everyone who works with groups, gives presentations or works in the music industry should be coached by you!
Peter W., Memon